Being Alone & What it Means to Stand in Love.

Its been a while since I’ve written a blog, and today I’ve decided to turn a new leaf. I’m taking a different perspective on my writing. What inspires me to write is talking about things that go deeper than just physical beauty. Maybe that’s why I lost interest in writing before, I love things with […]

Destination Bridal Make-up Tips: Do’s and Dont’s

Prep: Start getting facials and see a professional to shape your eyebrows 6-8 months before the wedding. Photos: Send your stylist a photo of yourself and your ideas for hair & make-up. Make sure that the person in the photos you send for make-up has a similar skin tone to you. Same goes for hair […]

Our Top Picks for Best Thermal Heat Protectors

If you are trying to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, but still like to use straight irons, blow driers and curling irons – then it’s important that you protect your hair. I know there are so many products out there & choosing the right thermal protection can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully this will […]

The Perfect “Beachy” Bridal Look

Ashley’s hair is naturally fine, with medium density. She wanted a loose up-do with a few pieces left out to create an undone look. Since the back of her dress was open we thought it would look best to keep all of her hair up and show off her back which created the perfect beachy […]

Eliza’s Loose Braided Hairstyle With Delicate Floral Crown- Pure Perfection!!

Okay so I’ve been waiting to post this blog- mainly because the photos don’t even seem real!! These two are like supermodels, and the photos with Eliza and her bridesmaids look like they are taken in the Garden of Eden. Seriously people… could getting married in Cabo be any better than this? Eliza’s family has […]

Our Bridal Styling Team Specializes in Working with Ethnic Hair & Skin

Stella Kim & Hung’s Los Cabos Wedding We get a lot of requests every year from Asian brides and we are always excited to work with them. Normally Asian girls are a little concerned that their make-up artist has experience working with their unique features.  When I first started out as a make-up artist I […]

Sophisticated Bridal Up-Do

Jessica & John’s Wedding Jessica booked our services a year before her wedding at Esperanza, which is quite common. Normally salon services and photographers are the first to get reserved (along with the venue of course). Amy Abbott was her wedding coordinator and did a wonderful job simplifying everything and tending to each detail. We […]

Loose Hairstyle with Beachy Waves

Marisa & Ken’s Wedding Oh Yes – Marissa Singh!! This was such a fun wedding! Her group of ten ladies were an absolute delight to work with! We brought a team of 4 stylists to the presidential suite at the Sheraton and worked diligently to get them all ready within five hours. Marissa’s dress was […]

Low side ponytail & sideswept bangs

Casey & Justin’s wedding –  Casey Davis was staying at Sandos Finisterra, which doesn’t allow outside vendors. Instead of paying their fee to bring our team on site we decided to rent out the Spa at Pedregal to get her and her guests ready. The Spa at Pedregal is a beautiful and contemporary spa located […]
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