Naomi’s Inspirational Bridal Styles 2020

One great thing about working with a team of talented stylists is that it keeps everyone striving to do their best work and inspired by each other. This season terracotta eyeshadow was a hit for a “natural glam” look. This warm brown shade makes blue & green eyes pop. It also works great with dark […]

13 Step Checklist to Postponing your Cabo Weddings | COVID-19

Cabo Wedding

Hmmm… where to start. It seems as though our entire world has somehow been turned upside down. If someone would have told us two month ago that the world would be on lockdown for an undefined amount of time – no one would have believed them. If you have been putting off postponing your wedding […]

What Can We Do to Help the Los Cabos Community – COVID-19?

It’s going to be a very LONGGG summer, I can tell you that!! Normally our wedding season is just ramping up, but this year, almost all of our weddings thru May have canceled or postponed. I’m sure many local business owners can relate. Hopefully, with the precautions everyone is taking we will be able to […]

9 Tips on How to Get An Awesome Up-do

1. Day Old Hair Yes, it is true, freshly washed hair is usually too slippery to get enough “grip” to keep your hair up and make it last all night. Washing your hair the day before an event works much better. If you are a person that must wash your hair each day, don’t fret! You’ll need […]

Start the New Year off with a Detox plan!

If you struggle with acne, low energy, or are just looking for a way to undo all your bad habits over the holiday season –Read This!! After an extremely rich and indulgent holiday season, it’s time for quick 8-day New Years detox. For me it’s a great time to practice some much-needed discipline & start […]

Simple Steps to Reset Your Energy

Upon returning from my summer vacation I quickly realize that the summer solstice has passed and fall is already upon us. Long gone are the memories of summer and basking in the sun on the topless beaches in Spain. It’s time to hit reset! Using  the momentum from your summer fun to inspire a fresh […]

Being Alone & What it Means to Stand in Love.

Its been a while since I’ve written a blog, and today I’ve decided to turn a new leaf. I’m taking a different perspective on my writing. What inspires me to write is talking about things that go deeper than just physical beauty. Maybe that’s why I lost interest in writing before, I love things with […]

Destination Bridal Make-up Tips: Do’s and Dont’s

Prep: Start getting facials and see a professional to shape your eyebrows 6-8 months before the wedding. Photos: Send your stylist a photo of yourself and your ideas for hair & make-up. Make sure that the person in the photos you send for make-up has a similar skin tone to you. Same goes for hair […]

Our Top Picks for Best Thermal Heat Protectors

If you are trying to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, but still like to use straight irons, blow driers and curling irons – then it’s important that you protect your hair. I know there are so many products out there & choosing the right thermal protection can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully this will […]

The Perfect “Beachy” Bridal Look

Ashley’s hair is naturally fine, with medium density. She wanted a loose up-do with a few pieces left out to create an undone look. Since the back of her dress was open we thought it would look best to keep all of her hair up and show off her back which created the perfect beachy […]

How Bridal Clip-in Hair Extensions Can Transform Your Wedding Look?

Bridal Makeup Tips for Stunning Wedding Photos

How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Your Wedding Day?

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