Our Top Picks for Best Thermal Heat Protectors

March 16, 2017

If you are trying to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, but still like to use straight irons, blow driers and curling irons – then it’s important that you protect your hair. I know there are so many products out there & choosing the right thermal protection can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully this will help simplify your search for the right product for your hair type.

  1. Schwarzkopf Flatliner – This spray is one of my favs. Apply to dry hair mid shaft to ends before straight ironing. Adds shine and protection to your beautiful locks!

    flatliner protection spray and straightening
    Use this product when using a strightening iron to leave your hair protected and feeling smooth
  2. Chi Iron Guard– This great product will  also defy heat and help keep your hair strong. Apply on dry hair mid shaft to ends before using irons.
    Chi- Hot Iron Protection
    Great protections spray to keep your hair healthy and strong


  3. Moroccan Oil – Apply to wet hair before blow drying to protect from the heat. You can also apply to dry hair as well before using irons. Moroccan oil is really one of my absolute favorite products and it smells amazing!!  A little goes a long way and even though it is oil it won’t weigh your hair down leaving it soft and bouncy.
    moroccan oil- Heat Protect and Shine
    Can be applied to wet or dry hair for thermal protection and shine.


  4. Moroccan Oil Thermal Protector – The maker of the cult fave hair oil also have a thermal protection spray that acts as a veil to protect your hair from split ends and minimize hair color oxidation  and fading. You can use on dry or wet hair just be sure that the product is dry before applying irons.
    morocan oil heat protector
    This all-in-one spray will protect from heat and reduce fading of color


  5. OSiS + Blow & Go THICK – makes your hair feel thicker, denser as you blowdry, and leaves behind visible volume. Who doesn’t love more volume! It also smoothes your hair with a touch of hold, eliminating the need for finishing products and protects against heat. Apply to towel dried hair from root to end before blow out.
    Blow and Go -Thick for thermal protection and Volume
    Create Volume and add protection at the same time


  6. OSiS+ Blow & Go SMOOTH – is very similar to THICK, minus the volume. Once you have blowdried, it feels more as though you quickly ran a hair straightener through your mane; it leaves behind a smooth, shiny, sleek finish, and helps eliminate frizz. Protects hair from heat as well. Apply to towel dried hair mid shaft to end before blow out.

    Blow & Go -Smooth & Protect
    For coarse or curly hair that needs some taming. This will smooth and protect
  7. Living Proof Restore Instant Protection – The proof is in the spray! This weightless heat protectant from Living Proof protects from heat tools up to 450 F, and also fights humidity and UV damage. You’ll be left with smooth, shiny, healthy-looking locks.

    Living Proof Instant Protection
    Protects hair even at high temperatures – Adds shine
  8. Oribe Royal Blowout– The most luxe product of the bunch, this heat styling spray can smooth out even the most unruly of locks. It’s formulated without parabens or sodium chloride and is safe for colour and keratin-treated hair. Apply to towel dried hair roots to ends before blowout.

    Oribe Blowout Protection and Smoothing
    All in one heat protectant for all hair types

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