Low side ponytail & sideswept bangs

Casey & Justin’s wedding –  Casey Davis was staying at Sandos Finisterra, which doesn’t allow outside vendors. Instead of paying their fee to bring our team on site we decided to rent out the Spa at Pedregal to get her and her guests ready. The Spa at Pedregal is a beautiful and contemporary spa located […]

Karmen was a Stunningly Gorgeous Bride!

Karmen & Scott’s wedding I’m really not sure how I get all these beautiful brides!! Karmen is stunningly gorgeous naturally and I was so excited to work with her when I saw her dress and her ideas. I went to the Sheraton to get her ready on her wedding day. We used Temptu Airbrush makeup […]

Half-up / Half-down Bridal Hairstyle

Brenda & Richmond’s wedding From the beginning I fell in love with Brenda and Craig. They were such an awesome couple and their story of how they reconnected after so many years was awesome. If I remember correctly, Craig was friends with her brother growing up and they reconnected after Brenda’s divorce. It was really […]

Lauren’s Bridal Natural Look

Lauren had naturally curly hair that was very fine and thick. This is tough combination to work with, especially if there is any humidity, hot weather or wind. She had had the Brazilian straightening done before the wedding to try to help alleviate some of her issues that she has with frizz. When we did […]

Tips For Drying Your Hair Naturally this Summer

If you’d rather be on the beach this summer rather than blow-drying your hair in the bathroom, then these tips for how to let your hair dry naturally are for you: Benefits of this styling method: keeps your hair healthy, adds great texture, saves on time, it’s super easy. For all hair types the prep in […]

Vintage Hollywood waves with flowers

It’s always fun when I get to do the hair & make-up of someone I know. Heather Hanson grew up with my husband. They spent many  summers camping at Scott’s Flat Lake with their families. I had heard a lot of stories about her and her time living in Italy, but I had never had […]

Half down, loose waves & veil!

Jennifer & Clinton’s Los Cabos Wedding For Jennifer’s wedding at Cabo Del Sol Golf Club Laura was her personal stylist and did both her bridal hair & makeup. Jennifer wanted to wear her hair half-up, half-down with loose waves. For her makeup she wanted a smokey eye with dark liner on both the waterline and […]

Wedding Hairstyle: Faux-hawk up-do

Alegra & Tim’s Los Cabos Wedding Alegra and her family were a delight to work with. She wanted a hairstyle that was different and unique and had shown be a photo that I would describe as a faux-hawk style up-do. It was super cool and I was excited to do something different. This isn’t the […]

9 Tips on How to Achieve an Awesome Up-do

You love when other people wear their hair in stylish up-do’s. What’s the trick to make it work? Here are a few tips & tricks that will make styling your hair look awesome in an easy & simple up-do: 1. Use Day Old Hair Yes it is true, freshly washed hair is usually too slippery […]

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