The Perfect “Beachy” Bridal Look

January 26, 2017

Ashley’s hair is naturally fine, with medium density. She wanted a loose up-do with a few pieces left out to create an undone look. Since the back of her dress was open we thought it would look best to keep all of her hair up and show off her back which created the perfect beachy bridal look. Her bridal make-up was natural with an emphasis on her eyes. Laura was her personal stylist for both her trial and wedding day. She did just the right amount of highlighting and contouring to ensure that Ashley looked stunning  both in person and in her photos!

Cabo Photographer - Sara Richardson_0248

Cabo Photographer - Sara Richardson_0323

Cabo Photographer - Sara Richardson_0331

Cabo Photographer - Sara Richardson_0221

Cabo Photographer - Sara Richardson_0333

Cabo Photographer - Sara Richardson_0402

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