10 Most Common Make up Mistakes

February 8, 2015

Ladies: whatever you do, don’t make these make up mistakes!!!

1. Miss matched foundation: Whether you are trying to make your dark circles look lighter or your face looks tanner, don’t try to fix your skin
mismatched foundation 5tone with mismatched foundation. Do always make sure that your neck and your face are matched to your body. When doing makeup for weddings we always are sure that everything is blended and matches your skin tone so that your skin looks flawless & everything matches perfectly.

toolight under eyes2. Your Concealer that is too light– This can be a common mistake for many people. If you have dark under eye circles its best to use an orange based concealer first to balance out the darkness, then go over it with a concealer that matches your skin tone. Going 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone will only reflect light unnaturally in the photos.

flashback3. Flashback– Flash back is caused when the flash reflects off products containing SPF or silica. Not all foundations that contain SPF will cause flashback. It’s not a problem during the day with digital photography, so for most wedding photos outside during the day you  won’t need to worry. Plus not all SPF containing products will cause a white cast. The main ingredients causing this effect are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Both are opaque, white, finely powdered and dispersed minerals often used in cosmetics with SPF. Illuminating foundations or concealers (including under eye illuminators) can contain light reflecting particles, which increase the risk for flashback in pictures.

overplucked eyebrows4. Unnatural / over plucked brows: Haha! Sorry I had to use this picture….Whether they are too high, too thin or just a weird shape, don’t wander down the path of unnatural brows. If you are unsure of where they should arch and what the best shape is for your face – seek a professional to do the job. Eyebrows shape your entire face, so its important that they are shaped correctly.

too much highighter browbone

5. Too much shimmer on your brow bone: Instead of actually enhancing it, too much highlight on your brow bone will only make you look oily and shiny.

4. Clumpy Mascara: If you put on tons of mascara, people aren’t going to think “wow her lashes are so long!” clumpy mascaraInstead they are going to think “wow she has on tons of mascara!” If you really want longer lashes, try Lilash or getting lash extensions instead.

overdone5. Overdone Make up: A heavy eye, with a full-on lip, with a face of full of foundation, plus bronzer and blush is only going to make you look like a drag queen. Unless of course, you are a drag queen. Choose one feature to enhance instead of your entire face.

eyeshadow not blended

6. Unblended eyeshadow: The purpose of eyeshadow is to add depth to certain parts of your eyes to make them look big, balanced and beautiful. Darker and lighter shades are used to enhance them. If your eyeshadow isn’t blended, neither of these things will happen.

lipliner not blended 27. Unblended lip liner: If your liner is a slightly darker color than your lipstick and it is blended well it can enhance the fullness of your lips. But if the liner isn’t blended properly then you end up looking a little you belong on the corner of Colfax and Federal.

8. Lashes that don’t fit your natural lash length and eye shape:false lashes too long If you opt for lashes, which all women should
for events and photos. Be sure to choose a set that is just a little bit thicker and longer than your own. If you go for lashes that are too big for your eye shape or not the right shape you will end up looking like a drag queen or circus performer.

9. Too much shimmer: For some reason this happens a lot in Mexico. too much shimmerToo much shimmer just doesn’t photograph well – plain and simple. Shimmer on more mature skin it emphasizes lines and wrinkles, as well as skin that isn’t smooth. It’s best to use shimmery eyeshadow strategically – only on the lid of the eye so it catches the light when you blink, and just a little bit of a lighter natural color to highlight in the arch of the brow.

face too light10. Your neck is a different color than your face: Many women tan their body and not their face. I suppose this fits into matching the foundation shade to the color of your body. Just be sure that your face isn’t a different color than your neck. Otherwise it will look like your face is superimposed on someone else’s body in your photos.




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