5 Quick Tips on How to Get Your Nails to Grow Strong Naturally

January 27, 2015

IMG_66741.) Solar Oil- use it every night before you go to bed on your cuticles on both your fingers and toes. If you have hard calluses put it on them as well. I always notice my nails get a growth spurt if I do this for a few nights in a row.

2.) Get a crystal file and keep it in your purse-  If you feel your nails starting to snag, quickly file that part of the nail.

3.) File Strategically-  This is the most important part. If you use a file with a coarse grain it will leave them rough and vulnerable to break and snag. The same will happen if you “saw” back and forth with the file for the last few strokes. Sawing and using a coarse file is okay when your shaping, but not when your finishing.  File your nails the way you would sand a piece of wood. You want to file them in the same direction with a fine grade file when you are finishing the shape so that it creates a smooth surface. Do this on each side of the nail,  the underside and also top edge. Feel it, or run your nail along any fabric to see if there are snags and if so file that down in the same manner. I always run it along my work out pants because if there is a snag you will  feel it. Also never file nails when they are wet or damp – especially if they are thin.

4.) Keep your nails clean and the same length- If you break a nail clip the others so they all match, then file them nicely so they will grow well.  Keep a nail scrubber in your purse. This not only keeps your nails looking clean and nice it also protects you from bacteria and germs that could live underneath your nails.

5.) Put a base coat on them to protect them and when you polish be sure to seal the ends by painting across the tips of the nails before paining the nail itself.


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