The Ultimate Wedding Beauty To-Do List

November 10, 2014

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Now that you’re engaged, everyone will be looking at your hands! Treat your nails to regular manicures – a great way to test out different nail polish colors – be sure to moisturize your hands and cuticles at night.


Browse vendor listings for hair and makeup professionals for your wedding day. Start collecting photos of hair and makeup looks that you love. Use Pinterest to organize and share your inspiration with friends and members of your bridal party.

Establish a regular fitness routine, or re-examine the one you already have. Now is the time to eat right and get healthy. Try to cut back on salt, which can lead t
o water retention, and avoid skipping meals, which can cause you to overindulge later. Skimping on nutrients can make your skin dull, so be sure to include proteins and good fats in your diet. Start taking Vitamins, B12, Fishoil, Glucosomine & Coindroiten, Hair Skin & Nails Vitamin


If you are worried about big skin issues, make an appointment with a dermotologist to address concerns, like blemishes, sun damage, and rosacea. Treat yourself to a facial and book additional appointments for six, three, and one months before the wedding.

Get in the habit of drinking six glasses of water each day. Drinking water prevents dehydration, helps digestion, boosts energy levels, and will have your complexion glowing by your wedding.

If you’re considering laser hair removal, do some research about salons in your area and book your first appointment now.

Do your engagement photo session and use it as an opportunity to try out your hairstylist and makeup artist to see if they are the right fit for you.


Be sure to use SPF. Tanlines can be difficult to cover up if you’re wearing a strapless wedding dress, and sunburns can lead to permenant skin damage.

Make sure you’re getting close to eight hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep can lead to dark circles, dizzy spells and memory loss. If wedding planning is making you stressed, book a relaxing massage or sign up for yoga. Be sure
to make time for yourself.

For those prone to over-plucking your brows, book a consultation with an eyebrow professional to start working towards a more natural look.

Even if you haven’t already found your dream wedding dress, you’ve no doubt tried on at least a dozen and found the best silhouette for you. Make sure your fitness routine targets areas (like shoulders, back and arms) that
will be highlighted by your neckline, hemline or sleeve length.


Your improved skincare regime should be in full swing by now. Check back in with your dermatologist or facialist to make sure you’re on track for a glowing complexion come your big day.

Start moisturizing your hair with regular deep-conditioning treatments. For extra TLC, consider a salon treatment, especially if you are growing your hair for the wedding.

Cut back on your caffeine (yes, we know you can do it!) and enjoy the wonders that less coffee and
soda can do for your skin and teeth.

The upcoming months will be filled with endless photo ops from engagement parties to bridal showers – so its time to be ready!


Start weekly at-home body exfoliations, concentrating on your back, shoulders, and arms. Try using an intensive lip treatment nightly to keep lips soft and smooth.

Try out a few different options for a spray tan if you will be using one for your wedding week. We love Norvelle Custom Spray Tan. It gives a very natural healthy glow and lasts 6-8 days.


Decide how you want your hair & makeup to look on your wedding day if your not sure show your stylist your dress and photos of yourself and ask what they would suggest.

Decide on your wedding day fragrance. Sample a few, the scent will always remind you of your wedding day.


Consider brightening your smile with an at-home teeth-whitening treatment.

Get a trim. It’s best to do so two months to six weeks before the big day: this gives you enough time to both get rid of the split ends and to grow your hair out a little so that it doesn’t look unnatural.


Talk and send photos to your stylist about the looks you envision for your bridal party.

If you are concerned about daily staining of your teeth, keep your smile looking bright and white with a teeth-whitening touch up for 5 minutes a day.
Get glowing skin by adding an extra dose of exfoliation to your routine with an at-home microdermabrasion kit or a grainy scrub.

2 Weeks

No more deep-cleansing facials or big beauty treatments for you. Your skin should be in tip-top shape at this point thanks to months of pampering. Now is not the time to test out any new cosmetics or cleansers either.

Your stylist should send the schedule for everyone’s hair and makeup on the  wedding day .

If you color your hair regularly, go for a touch-up two weeks before your wedding day. Remember, this is not the time to try a new hair color!

Hit the gym or running track for a half-hour of cardio, a known tension-buster. For an extra calorie burn, do intervals. (Translation: Speed up, slow down, speed up.)

1 Week

Stay calm. As the days until your wedding count down, remember to go easy on the caffeine, sodium and alcohol. Your body is in top shape, just one boozy all-nighter or fast food binge could undo all of your hard work.

Confirm your pre-wedding appointments for both you and your bridal party – hair, makeup, manicure and pedicure.

Wedding stress getting to you? Practice deep breathing, pop in a yoga DVD, or slip on a set of headphones and zone-out to a meditation CD or ocean waves soundtrack. Ahhh, insta-bliss.

3 Days Before

Spray Tan if you have chosen a formula or sunless spray tan that works for you. Be sure to exfoliate properly with an oil free exfoliator and don’t put on any makeup, deodorant or lotion before you tan.

1 Day Before

Time for mani/pedis with your bridal party! Indulge in one (small!) glass of Champagne and enjoy being pampered.
Slip into a relaxing, lavender-laced bath and soak. Now channel that mindset on your big day. Absolutely Beautiful!


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