How to avoid ugly tanlines- SKIN CARE!

October 3, 2013

“Cabo!! Yaaay! – Jump off the cab from the airport, get your bikini on and let’s go play in the sun!”

We’ve all done that. Now let me show you the repercussions.


woman-with-peeling-skin-vert    tan-lines-from-sunglasses

I didn’t add a photo of a sunburnt nose because it was too gruesome for our sweet girlie blog. We’ve literally encountered ourselves with each of these skin situations at weddings.

These kinds of problems are complicated to cover up.

Also, when the skin is a bit burned the makeup doesn’t adhere to the skin as it should. Please be careful with your skin prior to the wedding and if you’re a tanning expert don’t forget to be gradual, Cabo’s sun is intense.

A good option is to get a sunless spray tan. We supply this service in the comfort of your villa or hotel room.

But if you choose to lay in the sun, please follow these recommendations:

-If you are using a strapless evening dress, wear a bikini top like this.


-If your dress has a deep cut in the back, or cleavage, try to find a beach spot to tan topless. Or you could also untie the back of your bikini to avoid that tan line across the back

url         310073_320

And of course we all know to put on a good amount of sunscreen and spread it out evenly. Evenly. You don’t want that blotchy skin either.

Most importantly, keep yourself hydrated, beers and margaritas don’t count. Water! Lots of it.

I found this really funny article regarding tanning, by Chispired. Read the funny side of tanning.

Tan on… and tan safely.

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