Flower Girl Hairstyles

October 9, 2013

We hardly get to see flower girls at Bridal Parties… I wonder… who then is doing their hair?

(Stylist concerns ha!)

I wonder if it’s because we don’t really think of the kiddies in terms of getting dolled up for a party. We tend to just put them in a nice outfit and comb their hair.

There are many good options for hairstyles and I’m sure the little girls would like the extra attention.

If the flower girl is a little rebel at heart and won’t enjoy sitting still for long- or you’re afraid she will mess up her hair as soon as it’s done- there are still some pretty hairstyles that we could recommend.

I’m a big fan of this next hairstyle. Some women hear “braids” and freak out. But from my point of view, when braids are styled the right way they can bring out femininity (or cuteness in this case) in such an effortless way.


Here are some hairstyle examples for girls who are willing, and desirous, to undergo the process of the creation of a fancy up-do.


Many little girls just want to get their hair curled and leave it loose. Do you know, or have you seen of all the different ways we can curl hair? My favourite curly look right now is Taylor Swift’s.

2008 American Music Awards - Red Carpet

Her curls are so soft and natural, unlike those curls in the 80’s. Remember those doll curls and ugly bows?


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