How to Get the Perfect Spray Tan for Your Wedding?

January 23, 2024
spray tan

Wedding day is a special day in every girl’s life. Today many brides are fond of getting tan on their special day. When it comes to getting tan many brides think of:

“I like to have spray tan, however, I don’t want to look like pumpkin on my big day”


“I need a spray tan, but I don’t want to make my dress get stained”

If you are also thinking of these then we are here to help you.

Every bride’s dream is to become tanned naturally without spending too much money on it. So how you can avoid looking orange on your big day? How you can avoid your spray tan from turning your dress into another shade?

Work with a spray tan artist

When getting ready for your rapid spray tan, the first thing you should do is make sure you hire the right tan artist. Not all spray tans are something similar, which is the reason it’s essential to find somebody who can customize your color to your exceptional skin tone. When it is to wedding spray tans, it’s worth the effort to pay something else for a quality result and experience.

As well as finding the ideal tone, anexperienced spray tan artist can also shape your body perfectly to give you a healthy, tonedlook. Strapless dress? Make those shoulders and collarbones look definedand beautiful. Backless gown? Highlight and extend your back for anincredible look. This is only possible when you search for the experiencedspray tan artist near me.rapid spray tan

Don’t skimp out on the trial

The one thing that wedding and beauty experts talk about constantly is trials of hair and cosmetics. Your brilliant glow is no different. Very much like hair and makeup,you need to try your look before your important day. That includes finding the right shade for your complexion and asking your makeup artist any inquiries you might have about your big day. This planning will assist you with feeling more confident when you go to your pre-wedding appointment.

When should you have your trial?

We recommend having your trial at whatever point you have an occasion booked for your wedding like a pre-wedding party, engagement party, hair/makeup trial, etc. Pick a date and time that you think is best for you, for however long it’s 1-2 months before your big day.

Preparing your skin for your spray tan

Preparations for your wedding spray tan begin well before you enter the salon. These spray tan tips will assist you with setting up your skin so you get a pleasant, even sparkle that withstands even after the vows are exchanged.

• Get your nails, hair, waxing, and some other pre-wedding appointment done basically a day before your spray tan so your skin is overall quite spotless.
• Exfoliate in the shower no less than 4 hours before your spray tan. Exfoliating helps sluff off dead skin so your spraytan has a fresh start. In any case, you need to give your pores enough time to shut down to stay away from an orange or blotchy spray tan
• Try to use an oil-free exfoliator that is natural and delicate on your skin.
• While you’re exfoliating, try to utilize an exfoliator that is without oil and produced using natural ingredients.
• During your day of appointment, ensure you have no creams or makeup on.
• Wear loose-fitting anddarkclothes after your appointment to prevent any rubbing or weird lines.

After your spray tan

After getting a rapid spray tan for the wedding, it’s important to take care of it so that it fades evenly and stays beautiful for up to two weeks.

These post-spray tan tips will assist with keeping you shining paving the way to, and for a really long time later, the wedding:

• For at least four to five hours following your spray tan, avoid all forms of moisture, including exercise, sweating, and showering. Regardless of whether you’re actually working on that wedding body, enjoy some time off from the gym as your tan develops.
• When you take a shower, make sure that is as cold as you can handle. Heated water peels your tan off quickly and to make your spray tan keep going for your wedding, you want to take great care of it. You should wait for 4 hours to shower, however not longer than 24 hours.
• Stay away from any exfoliants and simply use the center of your hand to delicately wash off. Don’t use harsh cleaning products, hot water, drying soaps, or chemicals.
• Use an oil-free moisturizer twice a day after the fourth day of your tan. Even if you have a perfect glow, nobody needs dry skin.


Each bride is unique, however, if getting a spray tan for your wedding makes you feel beautiful and confident on your important day, and then go for it! Be sure to keep these points in mind so that you know who will be doing your spray tan, what color you should get, how to prepare your skin for it, and how to care for it afterward. Considering these tips, you’ll enjoy an even glow especially made for your wedding.

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