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Non-profits to donate to to support our local community

It’s going to be a very LONGGG summer, I can tell you that!! Normally our wedding season is just ramping up, but this year, almost all of our weddings thru May have canceled or postponed. I’m sure many local business owners can relate. Hopefully, with the precautions everyone is taking we will be able to stay ahead of the curve and avoid a major COVID-19 outbreak or other social unrest caused by unemployment. In times like these we must take care of our community so that we are ready for tourism when travel is permitted again. As a result of COVID-19 many people in Cabo are without work. So… other than supporting local businesses, staying inside and wearing a mask in public – what else can we do to help our Cabo community right now?

There are a few non-profit organizations that are making a big impact! All of them are taking donations on-line so you can help from the comfort of your own home. Even the smallest amount can make a big difference. If you are someone who is blessed to have a roof over your head and food for the next few months, now is the time to be grateful and share the love with those in need.


  • @Heart4Cabo – Was originally created after Hurricane Odile to build homes for those who had lost everything in the tragic hurricane. Since then he has continued to serve our community by raising money to feed those in need.  Heart4Cabo’s current mission is called  “Despensas for Defensas”.  “We encourage our community in Los Cabos to pull together  to prevent a desperate situation from getting worse. People have been out of work for to long as it is already. We know that many people live day by day to meet the needs of their families. They don’t have any savings. Before long we might be seeing people taking desperate measures to feed their families. If we can stay ahead of that curve we may actually be able to make a huge difference in each of their lives by providing food for them while keeping the peace. We will not only be building their immune systems with nourishment, but also helping our local community by keeping it more safe. Keeping the peace is important for our community so that we are prepared for tourism once this time all passes.” – Founder Rick Antillon
  • Pescadero Food Bank –  Because of the COVID 19 crisis, they are in desperate need of more funds! Their goal is to expand their outreach to more people. We are a grassroots organization funded solely by donations that provides basic food staples local families each month.


  • Sarahuaro, AC – “Right now Sarahuaro, A.C. Needs money to get the families of children their food. They normally feed over 400 kids a day at school but with the schools being closed those kids are not being fed and for many it was their only meal. They need to be able to give certificates for dispensas at la comer or Walmart, etc to at least 200 families” -Faryn Masso


  • Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas A.C. – Casa Hogar is a certified children’s home that provides a safe place for children who have been victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment. They provide mentoring programs and childcare for kids of Los Cabos.

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* If you know of any other non-profits here in Cabo please link the information in the comments section below.