Things We Will Discuss In Your Make-up Trial Session:

  • Your skin type
  • Your daily skin care routine
  • Your daily make-up routine
  • Your wedding style – is it classic, vintage, casual, traditional etc.?
  • What make-up ideas do you have in mind? Choose a few of your favorites, and be prepared to explain why you like them.
  • Is there a specific idea that you have in mind for your bridesmaids?
  • Do any of the bridesmaids have extremely short, long or curly hair? (This is important for timing purposes.)
  • Is airbrush make-up a better option for your skin type?
  • Do you want touch up’s or an evening look after the wedding ceremony is finished?
  • Help paint a picture of your bridal style by bringing photos of the bridesmaids dresses, floral arrangements and color palette. This allows us create a look that compliments, not only your face shape and dress style,  but your entire wedding concept.

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