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March 11, 2016

Michelle & Norbert’s wedding

When I saw these pictures I freaked out. Dennis did such an amazing job of capturing the emotion of this day. The shot with her mother is priceless and the one of them kissing with her hair blowing in the wind – pure perfection!!

On the wedding day our glam squad did Michelle and her bridesmaids hair & make-up. All of them wanted to wear their hair completely down or half-up / half-down, which in the photos looks great. There are no rules when it comes to bridesmaids styles. Personally,  I really feel that it looks so much better if each person has their hair and makeup done according to what suits their face shape and hair type the best.  (Same goes for bridesmaids dresses… but I won’t open that can of worms.) There’s nothing worse than having to try to make the same hairstyle look good on everyone when everyone’s hair is different. Same goes for make-up. Beauty is so unique for each individual so it makes our job easier when we are able to do what will look the best on each person, rather than try to fit everyone into the same look. Hey – I’m knocking brides that do, everyone has their own style. I’m just saying that personally, that is what I think looks best especially in the photos. Each of them have such a unique beauty. For example: One of them wanted a bold red lip, the other ladies preferred a smokey eye and more nude lip. For their bridal hairstyles we also mixed it up. One wanted a braid, the other a headband, one a center part and the other a side part. I guess my point is that when the ladies feel like they look like the best version of themselves then they feel good, and if they feel good, then it shows thru in their smile and in each photos. This picture of Michelle and her gorgeous bridesmaids is the perfect example. Well done.

For Michelle’s half-up / half-down bridal hairstyle we set her hair with a 1” curling iron. While her hair was setting we did her make-up. She wanted to go for a smokier eye with a nude lip and sun kissed cheeks. We used Temptu Pro Airbrush foundation then for her eyeshadow we used “Sketch” & “Satin Taupe” from MAC cosmetics.We lined her waterline with waterproof pencil black liner from Dior. Next we used Anastasia of Beverly Hills contouring palette and “style” blush from MAC. For her lipstick we used “Viva Glam V” and “Evolution Revolution” gloss. We finished it with setting spray from Urban Decay “All Nighter”. Once her make-up was done we took her curls out, teased the base to give it shape, pinned the right side up with her flower, gave it a good spray and let her slide into her wedding dress.









Bridal Hair and Make-up: Blanc Bridal Salon by Neysa Quintana

Wedding Photography: Dennis Berti

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