If used properly bobby pins can be an amazing weapon to control your hair. Knowing how to secure them can be the difference between a style that lasts and one that falls. When trying to master your styling skills, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.) Use good quality bobby pins. I bring all of my bobby pins from the U.S. Unfortunately Mexican Bobby pins are no good. I recommend Flamingo brand or Metagrip Premium Bob Pins from Sally Beauty Supply.

2.) Don’t use your teeth to open them!! By opening them like this you ruin their integrity, so they become loose and unable to use. They already come ready to slide into your hair.

4.) Very Important: Push the pins against the grain of the hair so that it locks in and holds. This may take some practice bun once mastered it is much easier to  weave and lock.


5.) Always put the flat part against the head after you weave it.

6.) Weave and Lock- sounds like a new dance move….It goes something like this:

When you go to use the bobby pin catch a little bit of hair with the little “arm” then slide it in just a little, then lift, flip and slide the bobby pin in the rest of the way. I know that’s confusing, so here’s a video explaining and showing the “locking” trick:

How to secure bobby pins with a bun

How to weave and lock bobby pins video

6.) You don’t actually need to catch ALL of the hair in the pin. If your twisting your hair then pinning it down, you really only need to pin the small section of the twist that was from the bottom of your hair. This small piece of hair should be twisted around the rest of the hair and hold it in place easily.

7.) Don’t forget to match your hair color. Choose the color that will blend best with your hair.

8.) Choose the right bobby pin for the job.


9.) Use the buddy system to make sure the style is secure:


10.) Secure Buns and twists with large bobby pins:


11.) When I do twists or rolls especially with shorter hair I secure the inside structure with this crisscross pattern to make sure that it is secure. Of sometimes to secure hair in a half up half down style:

cross pattern

12.) Or if you wanna get funky…