How to look sexy without makeup- Weekend Specials

October 13, 2013

I think we girls have (at some point in our life) have wondered what to do to look sexy in a effortless way. Sometimes we are too tired to prep-up, sometimes we just want to go after a more natural/relaxed look, or maybe there’s just not enough time.

Following are some of my personal tricks that we can apply for weekends when we’re just chillin’.

First of all… drink your water and stay away from caffeine and salt. Skin looks smoother and healthy when we keep ourselves hydrated. Water can protect you from blemishes, flaky skin, and chapped lips. Remember– Water is the most important need for beauty and health.



Take deep Breaths and relax your face. Look at yourself in the mirror and breathe deeply. Focus on how your face looks when you relax your expression. Being relaxed is an important factor for looking good. I’ve had many guy friends throughout my life and I’ve heard and seen how this is very important to them. More than the best shoes and the perfect haircut, a guy want’s to see a happy girl. Relaxed = Happy


Keep your eyebrows nicely shaped and groomed. I remember looking at “grown ups” as a child and being able to notice the difference when someone’s eyebrows where unkept. When there’s no time for anything else, at least keep your eyes looking fresh.

Good sleep + a properly-shaped eyebrow, can really brighten up your look.


Napoleon Dynamite had it right- “bring me my ChapStick”. Soft lips make a big difference, especially when smacking a kiss on that special someone.

Napoloeon Dynamite Party Favor - Chapstick

Apply a waterproof mascara.  Clinique’s mascara is the one I currently use. It might be something that most of us already know, but I’m just emphasizing the beautifying points that I’m aware of, which are part of my basic beauty routine.


Want to let your hair down but have no time to curl or straighten it? Towel dry your hair by gently scrunching from the ends up to the roots. If you’re too rough with the towel on your hair you will create frizz and split ends. A good plus is to evenly spread smoothing or styling cream, or liquid medium-hold gel onto your damp hair. Then, bring your hair up to the crown of your head, twist it into a loose bun and secure it with a soft elastic or large pins. Once your hair is dry you can let it down, shake it and get that out-of-bed sexy style.


There are more specific tips for different hair and skin types that we will be writing about in the near future. Stay posted via our facebook page 🙂

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