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By following the “Start Here” button shown above it will guide you thru the steps to create your own bridal account with your own username and password. Once you complete the form it will provide you with a price quote. If you would like to secure the date there is an option to make payment by credit card directly thru the website. You can log back into your account with your password to update or make any changes. If you have already secured the date with 50{394ba9b977cdb97484e9e35f39db822ee8275a3caece20bc8b8378ea68910770} deposit, and would like to make adjustments in the amount of services, you have up until 21 days before the wedding to do so without penalty.  For any changes made after your date has been secured, the balance will be adjusted accordingly.

If you know the date & have a basic idea of the number of services you would like for each day, you may begin your bridal profile with that information. You may go back at any time to update or revise your information and receive an updated quote.  If you have already paid your deposit to secure the date, your balance will be adjusted according to your changes. You have up until 21 days before your wedding to make any changes without penalty. The login and password will allow you access to return at any time to update your file.


The first step in reserving our services is to start your bridal profile by following the “Start Here” button shown above. Once you have filled out the required information it will request that you have read & agree to our policies. After submitting your information we will provide a price quote for you. If everything looks correct you can secure the date with a 50{394ba9b977cdb97484e9e35f39db822ee8275a3caece20bc8b8378ea68910770} deposit. Your deposit can be made thru our website or by direct deposit.  The final balance is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding. You have up until 21 days before your wedding to make any adjustments if needed.


If you don’t know all of the information while you’re creating your account you can always start with the information you do know and finish the rest at a different time. The information that is *required is the information we need to know in order to provide an accurate price quote and check the dates for you. To receive a price quote you will first need to get confirmation of the total amount of services for you and your guests.  You will need to know specifically if they want a blow out and hairstyle or just a hairstyle, regular or airbrush makeup and if they would like lashes or not. A description of their hair is requested as well for timing purposes. Often times brides won’t know their ceremony time or the time they need to be ready until 2-3 months before the wedding so it’s okay if you don’t know all of the details when you first start your account. We suggest asking your photographer for your ready time.


No, you are not required to pay anything until you are ready to secure the date. Once you have all of your information, and your guest’s services are confirmed, you may submit your deposit of 50{394ba9b977cdb97484e9e35f39db822ee8275a3caece20bc8b8378ea68910770}. Once your payment is received your date will be secured.


Yes, we require 50{394ba9b977cdb97484e9e35f39db822ee8275a3caece20bc8b8378ea68910770} deposit to secure our services for the date of your wedding. Until your deposit is made the date remains open and other wedding parties may reserve the date without notice or first rite of refusal.  The balance is due two week before the wedding by direct deposit. If the payment is not received 2 weeks prior to the wedding we cannot guarantee our services.

  • Credit Card-Your deposit and final payment can be made easily  thru our website with a credit card. For credit card processing 4{394ba9b977cdb97484e9e35f39db822ee8275a3caece20bc8b8378ea68910770} will be added.
  • Direct Deposit -Our preferred option for payment is by direct deposit to our Mexican bank account, normally direct deposits cost about $35-$45 USD (depending on your bank).
  • Paypal -charges 4.8{394ba9b977cdb97484e9e35f39db822ee8275a3caece20bc8b8378ea68910770}.
  • Public Service Credit Union – Another option if you would like to avoid fees, is to go to an affiliate bank of PSCU in the U.S. and deposit directly to our account. ***Go to and then click on Locations to find a branch near you.

(For all direct deposits it’s important to follow our directions and put your name on the transaction.)


Yes, there is an option to send an automated email to each of your guests requesting the information needed for their services thrugh the form. Simply enter your guest’s email and it will send them a link to their part of your profile.


If you have guests who would like to pay individually there is an option for the bride to specify requested payment options. For individual payments, payment in full is required to secure their services.  If you are paying for your guests services simply check the box and it will remove their option to pay. This information will appear private in the case that she wants to pay for some and not others.



Deposits are non-refundable. If your wedding is cancelled due to an act of God, war, government regulation, natural disaster, fire, strikes or other labor disputes, civil disorder, terrorism in Mexican or US soil we will apply your deposit to the rescheduled event contingent upon our availability on that date. If you are not able to reschedule the wedding, the deposit received will be retained. If our stylists are unable to perform their duties on the day of your wedding we will refund 100{394ba9b977cdb97484e9e35f39db822ee8275a3caece20bc8b8378ea68910770} the amount for the services on the wedding day. 


Yes our deadline is 21 days before the wedding. For changes after this date there is a fee of $10 per change.


2 weeks before your wedding.


If someone cancels their services after the deadline for changes can we substitute their services for someone else? Yes, we ask that you notify us of this change before the day of the wedding and the name of the person taking their services



If you haven’t sent us photos of your ideas then be sure to bring them to the trial. Also bring any hair diadem you may have and your veil if you are using one.


We recommend bringing oil blotting papers, powder and lipstick for touch ups. In the hotter months (July thru November) I recommend bringing a body talc powder to keep you dry under your dress. This helps with the guys too.



  • Trial sessions are encouraged before the wedding so we can make recommendations according to your face shape, dress style, and hair texture.  We will take photos and notes and add them to your file so that our stylists know exactly how to replicate the look on your wedding day.
  • We encourage you to upload photos of your ideas for hair and makeup before your trial as well as photos of your dress and other details in your wedding. This will help us envision what you have in mind, allowing us to create a look that will compliment your style. We recommend gathering ideas for your hair and make-up on Pinterest.
  • Often times brides like to do their hair and make-up trial on the same day as the rehearsal dinner or cocktail party so their hair and make-up are already done for the event. We can always make slight adjustments so it’s not exactly the same as the wedding day for an additional fee.


Yes we will send you a timeline 2 weeks before your wedding date so that each person knows exactly what time they need to arrive for their services on the wedding day. It is important to let your guests know that if they are more than 15 minutes late for their appointment it will be cancelled without refund. This is important so that we can stay on time on the wedding day.



  • Some brides like to do a change of look after the ceremony and before the reception. This is great for the bride who can’t decide whether to wear her hair up or down. With this option she can do both.
  • Sometimes brides want to look natural during the day and then change the evening look to something more dramatic. I recommend this for brides who want a natural look during the day. Once the sun goes down will need a little more makeup so they photograph well at night too.
  • Touch ups are recommended for brides who anticipate having a lot of emotions and tears and just need a touch up before the reception.
  • Pricing depending on your needs & the amount of time our stylists need to stay.


  • No, blow out services are a separate service. They have an additional cost associated as well as additional time needed. If you would like a blow out and hairstyle please select both in the services requested.


If you would like an up-do and don’t have oily hair we prefer that your hair is one day old dirty and dry when we arrive. We recommend using a root boost at your roots after you wash it the night before. Your hair should be DRY when we arrive unless you are requesting a blow out and hairstyle. If you want your hair down or half up half down, you can wash it the night before, or the morning of the trial, but if it doesn’t hold curl well, or falls limp, please use a root boost and volumizing mouse after you get out of the shower while it is still wet, and blow dry it in the opposite direction of its natural growth.


We will send you and your guests styling instructions (styling instructions) 21 days before the wedding so that everyone knows how to properly prepare their hair on the wedding day. You can also find these on our website. ( styling instructions)



We do have a 4-service minimum for hair and make up services on the wedding day. This means that in addition to the brides hair and make up (which count for 2 services) she will need another person for hair and make up, or two people who would like hair services, or two people who would like make up services.  For manicure/pedicure and massage services we also have a 4-service minimum. Which means that you will need to have four services for mani/pedi/massage. We cannot do 1 hair & 1 make up and 1 manicure & 1 pedicure. The reason for this is because we send two different teams for these services.



Follow this link (spray-tanning)  for instructions on how to prepare your skin for your spray tan.

Yes we can only come on location for 2-service minimum for Spray tanning services. (This means 2-spray tans- not a spray tan and a manicure.)



No we do not do acrylic nails?


Yes, but we will need to know if you need shellac removal before we arrive for timing purposes.



Yes, all of our Senior Stylists are bi-lingual.


The amount of stylists that we will send depends directly on the amount of services requested. We will always send enough stylists to keep your timing under 5 hours.


If you request additional stylists there will be a $55 + IVA and gratuity charge per stylist



If your experiencing problems with our website please contact us thru our contact page or by telephone.

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