COVID-19 New Protocol

June 2, 2020

Unfortunately, COVID-19 still remains at the top of people’s concerns, which requires us to re-evaluate our protocols for sanitation and disinfection. At Blanc Salon, our health, and the health of our clients, has always been a top priority. As a team of hairstylists & makeup artists, we have taken precautions against preventing diseases & viruses such as pink eye, herpes, common cold, flu, etc. When you hire our styling team you can rest assured that each of our artists have completed extensive training for COVID-19 standards and we will be taking additional precautions during this time. 

What you can expect from our team:

  • Since our makeup artists work for extended periods of time face to face with our clients, they will be required to pull their hair back and wear face masks with protective eyewear or face shields during your makeup application.
  • All employees will be screened before each job to ensure that none of them show signs of coughing, sneezing, temperature, shortness of breath, etc. If anyone on our team feels sickness at all they are to report to me ASAP and will not be permitted to work. We will schedule back-up stylists for busy days.
  • For events that have more than 6 services, a COVID-19 sanitation manager will be assigned to our team to help clean brushes and keep areas properly disinfected. A specific area for cleaning will be set up. 
  • We will use disposable applicators when possible and rotate our brushes out so that we have clean, disinfected brushes with each new client. 
  • Our palettes will be disinfected between clients with alcohol. And our brushes will be washed with BOTH a brush cleaner AND antibacterial cleaner as well.

At Blanc Salon, we understand that the quality of our work not only depends on your satisfaction with the overall look, it also depends on our high standards for cleanliness & sanitation. Please feel free to voice your questions and or concerns below. We would love to hear your feedback.

 We will get thru this together,


Neysa Q.

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