8 Tips for a Successful Hair & Make-up Trial Session

April 6, 2015

Every bride should feel nothing short of gratitude and affection for her stylist on her big day. Here’s the secret to having a successful trial session:



  1. If you are having an up-do (and don’t have overly oily hair) wash your hair the day before your trial and blow it out with a root boosting spray. Blowouts are really only needed if you have fine, thin hair or if you need a blowout to create volume for your style, (normally if your hair will be worn down).
  2. Use Pinterest to find photos of styles you like for your hair and for your makeup and send them to us by email so we can keep them with your file. Be sure you complete the bridal information sheet with proper description of your hair. Send us photos of your self and your dress so we can envision the complete look.
  3. Bring your hair accessories or veil so that we can be sure the style goes with your hair diadem.
  4. We will take photos of your hairstyle from different angles to ensure that you look fabulous from every direction.
  5. Communicate: Don’t be afraid to communicate with us. We need feedback from you in order to do our best job. If you would like something different let us know so that we can be sure it’s right on the wedding day. We take notes and photos from the trial and keep it with your file so that everything is perfect and stress-free on the wedding day.
  6. Don’t schedule your trial the day you arrive, and please don’t schedule other meetings during the time we are trying to do your trial. Its very difficult to do someones hair & makeup when they are distracted and moving around.  Keep in mind that if you have too many friends or family around during the trial you will be distracted by their opinions instead of choosing what feels right to you.
  7. Don’t get sunburned, it’s very hard to fix skin that is damaged. Be sure to exfoliate your skin and lips well so that your skin looks radiant not flakey.
  8. Begin getting your eyebrows done professionally and regular facials  as soon as you get engaged. If you have problematic skin I recommend getting facials 6-8 months before your wedding. If you have good skin 3-4 months.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Love & Light!

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